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Garrison Commanding Officer (GCO)
ID-34365 Andrew Biederman
Garrison Executive Officer (GXO)
TI-02235 Tom Rohlf
Garrison Membership Liaison (GML)
TR-21883 Katrina Hosley
Garrison Membership Liaison (GML)
BH-18701 Lori Stifter
Garrison Membership Liaison (GML)
TX-17677 Scott Moszer
Garrison Membership Liaison (GML)
IC-52686 Nathan Brown
Garrison Public Relations Officer (GPR)
TK-23595 Kayla Beckemeyer
Garrison Charity Officer (GCR)
DZ-71482 Jill McTavish
Garrison Event Coordinator (GEC)
TK-11972 Jeremy Horn
Garrison Web Master (GWM)
TR-10166 Thomas Schwartz
Garrison Web Master (GWM)
TK-05107 Jason Schuett
Garrison Web Liaison (GWL)
TI-06129 Chris Popham
621st Detention Squad Leader
SL-04463 Kory Willard
Korriban Squad Leader
TK-61472 Keith Henkel
Minnesota Wolf Pack Squad Leader
TK-24677 Mike Giralico
Wampa Hunter Squad Leader
TI-41041 Abigail Petersen